Nuns, with their unwavering dedication and silent yet powerful impact, have been instrumental in shaping communities across the globe. In Africa, the stories of these remarkable women often go untold, but “The Adventurous Nun – Stories my family told me” breaks this silence, offering a captivating insight into the life of Sister Mildred Lungile Madlala, a Franciscan Missionary of Mary (FMM) whose journey traversed continents, cultures, and challenges.

About the Book: The Adventurous Nun – Stories my family told me

This comprehensive biography is not merely a narrative; it’s a tribute to the extraordinary life of Sister Mildred. Born on Mistake Farm, KwaZulu-Natal south coast, South Africa, her story unfolds through the lens of family, faith, and a relentless commitment to serving God. The book is a testament to her dedication as a Sister, a nun, and an FMM who worked in various countries, including South Africa, Congo, Kenya, Mauritius, France, Upper Volta (Burkina Faso), Italy, Switzerland, England, and Madagascar.

Sister Mildred’s linguistic prowess, fluency in English, French, Swahili, and conversational skills in Italian and isiZulu, reflects her commitment to communicate in people’s mother tongue. The biography is available in French, Swahili, and isiZulu, ensuring that her story reaches diverse audiences.

Her early connection with the late liberation struggle icon, Steve Biko, adds a layer of historical significance to her journey. Throughout her life, she engaged with influential figures like Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Otunga, leaving an indelible mark on the global Catholic community.

The adventurous narrative takes readers on a perilous journey, from being followed by a lion in Kenya to surviving the civil war in Zaire, culminating in her eventual battle with and succumbing to Covid-19 in Madagascar. Despite the challenges, Sister Mildred’s love for her blood relatives remained unwavering, with the book interweaving tales of family interactions to preserve the history of this exceptional woman.

Beyond the personal anecdotes, the book provides practical insights into the life of a nun and the impactful work they undertake. Sister Mildred’s poetic reflections from her time in Rome, lessons learned throughout her journey, and her unwavering passion for Jesus create a compelling narrative that goes beyond cultural and religious boundaries.

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Why Gift “The Adventurous Nun”:

This book stands as a unique gift for various occasions, transcending cultural, religious, and age boundaries:

  • Christmas & Easter: Celebrate the spirit of love, faith, and renewal with a narrative that echoes the core themes of these festive seasons.
  • Human Rights Day in South Africa: Honor resilience and the pursuit of justice by gifting a story intertwined with historical significance.
  • Youth Day & Valentine’s Day: Inspire the youth with a tale of passion, dedication, and a love that extends beyond borders.
  • Mother’s Day & Grandparents Day: Commemorate the strength and family bonds embodied by Sister Mildred, making it a touching gift for matriarchs and patriarchs.
  • A Gift to Your Local Library for a Girl Child: Empower future generations with a contribution that opens doors to cultural understanding and diverse narratives.

“The Adventurous Nun – Stories my family told me” is more than a book; it’s a tapestry of faith, adventure, and cultural richness. As you consider gifts for your loved ones or your community, delve into this extraordinary journey that promises to captivate hearts, inspire minds, and leave a lasting impact on anyone fortunate enough to embark on its pages.